Welcome to the PSHTML documentation page

What is PSHTML

PSHTML is a cross platform powershell module that allows to renders HTML using powershell syntax. It is currently supported on Windows and Linux.


In order to work, the following prerequisites need to be met:

  • Up until PSHTML version 0.6.1 -> Powershell v3
  • From PSHTML version 0.7.0 and above -> PowerShell version 5.1 or higher.


In order to install, use the following methodology

Internet access is possible

#(Assuming Access to internet is possible)
Install-Module PSHTML

Internet access is not possible

  • Download the sources from the release page here
  • Unzip the sources to a temporary location. (Example: $Home/Temp/PSHTMLSources/)
  • Copy the $Home/Temp/PSHTMLSources/PSHTML/ files to a repository of your PSModulePath (See below)
  • To find an acceptable path for the module, run $env:PSModulePath -split ";". Choose simply one from the list.

Getting started

Go through the example folder located in the module folder or / and have a look at them here

run the following command:

import-module PSHTML
Get-Command -Module PSHTML


A basic and straight forward example is the following one:

Import-Module PSHTML

html {


        title "woop title"
        link "css/normalize.css" "stylesheet"


        Header {
            h1 "This is h1 Title in header"
            div {
                p {
                    "This is simply a paragraph in a div."

            p {
                h1 "This is h1"
                h2 "This is h2"
                h3 "This is h3"
                h4 "This is h4"
                h5 "This is h5"
                h6 "This is h6"



A lot of examples can be found in the /Examples/ inside the module folder. The same examples are also available online here.